finished quilts

A Dollar Bills Carpenter Star for James

When I started quilting, I decided everyone I knew was getting a quilt. So I went about the business of asking everyone what their favorite things were to get ideas for fabrics. My brother facetiously responded that he didn’t like anything but money, and so this Carpenter Star quilt was born.

I marked the quilt with blue tailor’s chalk that didn’t completely wash out, but my brother probably won’t notice.

The fabrics for this quilt were purchased from Joann Fabrics, and the pattern is a simple Carpenter Star made from half square triangles (I believe I got the vague idea for what I was doing from this tutorial). I was inspired by Quilty Love to try using a zig zag stitch for quilting, and I love the way it turned out. The black backing with the variegated green thread may be my favorite part. The binding is kind of a disaster, but my bindings usually are. But I’m learning and hopefully they’ll get better and better with each quilt.

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